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The Hands Free Leash
Canine Walking System
The idea for our Hands Free Leash Dates back to my Grandfather. We have an old black and white photo showing him and 2 of his hunting
dogs attached to a belt around his waist. Though his dogs were very well trained, he still experienced pulling with his system. I then
redesigned this system in 1985. It was made out of chain in order to serve several purposes. We had 2 really large German Shepherd Dogs
that needed lots of exercise. They were fairly young and liked to chew on the leather and nylon leashes while the walker (myself) was
distracted. Originally I constructed 2 chain leashes to deter the chewing and provide a secure tether while away from the house.
Unfortunately the weight of these leashes gave the walker more of a work out than the dogs. Upon arrival home, the person's arms felt like
jello. I went back to the workbench and created the hands free set up to relieve this issue.  A few additions here and there and the ultimate
walking system was borne.
This Hands Free Walking system is designed to attach 1-2 large dogs at your strongest and most stable position (at your hip). From here your
dog is encouraged to walk beside you where ever you may roam, walk or bike. We encourage the use of an anti pull head collar or other
harness and our attachable safety strap. Our recommendation is for this would be the
Gentle Leader.
The Old Faithful Design above is still manufactured and available today. It still proves to be the most heavy duty and versatile product on the
market today. Constructed of HD ga. Passing link zinc chain with bright finish, HD threaded links with chrome finish and HD Snap Rings with
Chrome finish. System has a 1000lb. break strength, is completely chew proof, and easily breaks down for alternate uses. 1 size fits most
waist sizes and is completely adjustable. Pricing is as follows:

Single System (up to 1 XL Dog)                                        Zinc Chain Finish                                                                        $40.00
                                                                  Stainless Chain Finish                                                               $60.00

Double System (up to 2 XL Dogs)                                     Zinc Chain Finish                                                                        $80.00
                                                                   Stainless Chain Finish                                                                $120.00

30' Recall/Swimming Trainer Leash Attachment        Zinc Chain Finish                                                                        $80.00
                                                                    Stainless Chain Finish                                                                $250.00
Old Faithful

HD Walking System
Old Faithful

HD Walking System
New Era  As the years passed, demand changed. We had more and more requests for a lighter and more comfortable system. As more
and more dog owners ventured into recreational activities like biking, running, and in line skating. This wasn't an easy task to undertake for
us. We always put quality and safety ahead of everything else. We doubted both in a new design. It took us over a year of searching and
gathering alone just to find quality parts and materials to use in this new design. By doing this though, it allows us to not sacrifice our two
main objectives of quality and safety.  
The new design above has now become our standard. With nearly all the versatility of the Old faithful, the new design offers a light weight
more comfortable fit. Constructed out of HD 1" nylon, and HD Chrome Plated steel hardware. This system is ready for any adventure for you
and your companion. Similar to the Old Faithful design, this system again places the leashes at the strongest points of your body (the hips).
The leashes are quick attached to the belt onto a fixed position "D" ring. The main belt also features attachment points for accessories
available below. Each leash features a metal attachment point for safety straps and control handles available below. As above, this walking
system works better when used with an anti pull harness or head collar similar to the                          Pricing is as follows:
New complete system for 2 dogs showed in stored position
Single dog system shown in walking position w/ safety strap
Replacement Belt                1 Custom Sized Belt w/ 2 D Ring Attachments, &                                            $16.00
                   2 O Ring Acc Attachments
Please take accurate waist measurement do not order based on clothing size

Replacement Leash               1 ea. 5' long Leash w/ Snap Ring attachments &                                          $16.00
                     Square Ring Acc Attachment Point

Replacement Safety Strap    1 Short Strap w/ Snap Ring Attachments                                                       $10.00
Attach to leash & stnd. collar when using an anti pull collar or harness for safety
                                      Please include description of harness when ordering

Replacement Control Handle   1 Looped Handle w/ Snap Ring Attachment                                              $12.00
Attach to square link of leash for superior control in tight spaces

Economy Single Dog Walker   1 Belt, 1 Leash  Perfect for a single dog of all sizes                                  $32.00
                     Safety Strap recommended below
Please take accurate waist measurement do not order based on clothing size

Economy Double Dog Walker   1 Belt, 2 leashes Perfect for 2 dogs of all sizes                                        $46.00
Good Value                           Safety Straps recommended below  
Please take accurate waist measurement do not order based on clothing size

Standard Double Dog Walker   1 Belt, 2 leashes & 2 Safety Straps Perfect for 2 dogs of all sizes          $66.00
Better Value

Complete System                  1 Belt, 2 Leashes, 2 Safety Straps, 2 Control Handles                                    $80.00
Best Value                            Please take accurate waist measurement do not order based on clothing size
Gentle Leaders
Immediately eliminates pulling on the leash. With the Gentle Leader, when you steer the
dog's nose, you steer the dog's body. It's a positive, no-pain option for controlling your dog.
Millions of dog owners today enjoy the benefits of stress-free walks thanks to the Gentle
Leader Headcollar. Designed so that owners can communicate with their pet in a way they
instinctively understand, the Gentle Leader painlessly and effectively removes the dog’s
natural tendency to pull by placing gentle pressure on calming points and eliminating
uncomfortable pressure on the throat. In addition to reducing a dog’s desire to pull away,
the Gentle Leader is also a very effective tool in combating lunging, jumping, excessive
barking and helping to calm an aggressive and/or anxious animal.

BEWARE!! Other sites sell the cheaper line as well as knock offs. Plastic buckles are not
recommended. Here at Dark Forrest we thoroughly test all products we sell prior to listing
them. Our tests have found that the Metal Buckle Gentle Leader is the far superior product
for the same price. Therefore we will only offer this design for sell.
Includes Gentle Leader Head Collar, Instructions, and instructional
Works even better when used with the Hands Free
Leash above!!
Walking System Accessories
For use with either chain or nylon walker
Beverage Holder                                             $10.00

Adjustable Beverage Holder will hold most containers from 12-32oz.
Stores behind you on one of the Acc. O Rings or on any link of chain
Allows quick access to your or your dog's beverage on long walks.
30' Training/Swimming Leash                        $32.00

Constructed like the leashes above but much longer
Perfect for use when training for recall, swimming, or just good old rompin!
Other sizes available, please contact us with any questions.
Training Leash Carrier                                coming soon

Quickly stores rolled up long leashes
Stores behind you on one of the Acc O Rings or any link of chain
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